Diaspora, modern state and human rights exclusion

Session #3  Panel Discussion  | Wednesday, June 26  | 12:00-13:30
Auditorium Maximum JU (Aula Mała)

Sub-theme: The shifting borders of inclusion/exclusion: Europe as a space of change

Swati Shirwadkar

exclusionrightsIn the transnational setting, immigrants or Diaspora, especially from some of the developing countries may not be considered as groups on the margins. However, this paper raises the question whether they are excluded from the access to rights by the state structures in the new place of work. Analysis of literature and few cases bring out formal and informal barriers to access basic rights for immigrants within the frame of modern rational state structures. In case of Diaspora, ethnicity and their cultural as well as class background complicates the process resulting in their exclusion from human rights.


Dr. Swati Shirwadkar

Dr. Swati Shirwadkar is Professor and Head, Department of Sociology, and Director of Erasmus Mundus Euroculture Program in the University of Pune, India. Her research interests are broadly related to social and cultural changes, identity, violence against women and reproductive health.