Exploring Podgorze


The first place we went to visit was Bohaterów Getta, a memorial square for the Jewish victims of World War II. The memorial consists of empty chairs representing the deported people and numerous pictures of politicians and officials visiting it. We thought the memorial was moving and interesting but it also has the potential to be improved in order to attract more visitors. Furthermore, it could offer more information about the memorial as such and its background.

This is basically the statement we made for the entire area we were discovering. There is a lot of potential and a lot of space that could be used in many ways: playgounds to include children; and youth areas providing for street arts and creativity, as we saw many graffities on the walls. We also noticed the lack of accessibility for disabed or elderly people in many places: stairs, churches, roads etc. Another improvement that could and should be done is the development of bike lanes to include bikers in the traffic.



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