First Impression and Main Features of Plac Inwalidów




The space seems to be lacking in atmosphere. It tries to take advantage of the greenery with its small shops however they fail to create a welcoming environment needed to encourage more people to spend time in the park. The busy street next to it is lined by older grey buildings which creates a overall sterile and noisy surrounding. This bleak neighbourhood contrasts to the park and also overpowers the overall sentiment of the area. It does not seem to be a friendly square in which families or younger people would come to pass an afternoon. This was also reflected on the faces of the elderly occupants sitting on the benches. There is nothing eye catching about this triangle cement surface which provides the entrance to the park. There is nothing to make this park, which is actually quite nice with a pond and fountain, attract citizens to the area. It is therefore undervalued due to its lack lustre entrance and its noisy side street.  This confused space is trying to be something more but its entrance is lacking the necessary ambience to for fill its potential to bring its citizens together.

SquareAn overview of the triangle-shaped square, with on the righthand side a park and on the left a busy street.


ColumnThe square seen from the other side, with a view of the column covered in posters and the bike rack on the edge of the square.


Random grassAn eye-catcher: a random grass patch in the middle of the square.


MonumentA monument for the victims of communism and fascism between 1944-1956. It is pretty small, and looks a bit displaced.


ReligionJust off the square, on the edge of the park: a religious tower full of holy Christian figures.