Green daze, blue waves – pave the way for change

Stage 1: Exploring.

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First Impressions:

– Our area looked like it had once attempted to become more gentrified with the inclusion of nice salons, shops, and a Waldorf school. However, all of these places were now very run down, closed, or out of business and we are left to wonder why this happened.

– The area near the cemetery is very green but it is not well utilized. It’s not very park-like, it is more like a street with a lot of trees and shrubs. The pavement varies from very broken to well paved, and the area was not very well cared for.

– If the area near the monastery could be better taken care of, perhaps if students were to clean up the area and garden for a school project or community service, it could be greatly improved.

– The monastery is very beautiful but the area surrounding it is very run down.

– Buildings in the residential part of our area really need to be torn down and rebuilt. Question of safety for inhabitants and concerns about unhealthy living conditions.

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Residential area


Area around the monastery and cemetery

Suggestions for Improvement:

– Because of the amount of abandoned or condemned houses, we would like to see these buildings rebuilt and reused for other more beneficial purposes such as day cares for children, social services, neighborhood community centers, and things of this nature.

– More pharmacies and access to healthcare facilities, outpatient clinics, and affordable medical offices.

– The elderly need more facilities in which they may socialize with one another and leave the home for a few hours every day. Having opportunities to meet with others and spend time in their neighborhood as actively participating citizens is vital to their mental and physical health as they age.

– Neighborhood clean up crews are also necessary to help this area of the city to become bright and full of life once again. As it stands, there is a lot of trash on the streets, and there is not enough of an effort to clean up. Encouraging citizens to clean up after themselves and their dogs when they walk them can make a huge impact on the cleanliness, and aesthetics of the neighborhood.



Stage 2: Engaging.

-area more populated on day of stage 2; in general, area can be described as intersection between the center and other neighboring areas,

-questionnaire of people in the street shows inhabitants are generally satisfied with the area,

-inhabitants are suprised by questions and do not know what to change, or do not feel something has to be changed,

-market square closed on Sunday but open on Wednesday, not many other shops open on Wednesday; very strict closing hours; no bars.P1050480


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