Rynek Square: a space where past and present meet and the secret remains underneath our feet…

Today we went to Rynek square: the biggest square market in Europe. Our first impression is that it is a friendly place full of atmosphere and life. It was full of people and we tried to hide among the tourists behaving like them.


Firstly, we sat down in a coffee place to watch a folklore musical event. We started looking around and went to a market gallery where there were little shops of every kind.


After that, we discovered an amazing museum underneath the square (Rynek Underground), which tells about Krakow’s history in the Middle Ages.  We were surprised to find information about how to bury a vampire, executions of soldiers, and Krakow’s illegal market in the Middle Ages. The museum opened in 2010 after archaeological work had been carried out from 2005.

Furthermore, we went to the most colorful and original church: St. Mary’s Basilica, the best known church in Poland. We were astonished to see many young people praying in this gothic church.


In the end, we climbed the Town Hall Tower in order to get a better overview of the square.


In the end, we also made two new friends:


photo credit: Lavinia and Maria

Text credit: Maria, Francesca and Rieke