Urban Challenge Group 2

Perspective and ideas for the future

Plac Inwalidów is a commemoration place dedicated to the victims of both fascism and communism in the years 1939 to 1989.

The place is well connected to the public transportation system (tram station). Indeed, most of the people we saw on Plac Inwalidów seemed to cross the place without paying too much attention to it. Also the small shops in the kiosks on Plac Inwalidów indicate that it is only an area of passage maybe for park visitors. These kiosks should be integrated in the reshaping of the place.

Since the place seems to be quite unused our idea would be to reshape this place in form of a gate to the close Park Krakowski. The place should catch the attention of the people going through it but should at the same time be not too fancy because of its history and commemoration function.

Even the name of the place could be changed in something more positive like “Plac Pokój” (Place of peace). It would both fit to its historical function and new role of gate to the park. It would be both the symbol of a peaceful relationship to the past and for the future. The triangular place as a gateway to the park would be the actual symbol of this connection.