Engaging in Podgórze

When we first explored Podgórze we certainly noticed the lack of accessibility for bikers, wheelchairs, disabled and elderly people in terms of bikelanes, roads, and sidewalks. Therefore, we decided to change perspective and to see what the inhabitants actually think about the situation. The neighbourhood was quite quiet at the given time, namely Wednesday late afternoon; however, we were lucky to find a number of predominantly young people who were willing to answer our questions and share their opinion with us:


Kazia, 24 years old, told us that the accessibility in Podgórze was generally good. However, she thinks the state of the roads could be developed for both bikers and disabled people. She herself bikes a lot and would be happy to see new and more bikelanes in her neighbourhood.


18 year-old Deniz had no major complains regarding bikelanes or roads, especially in comparison to his hometown in Ukraine. However, he feels the public transportation network could be improved and extended.


Ada (23) and Ada (21) also told us that the bikelanes were generally missing in many areas and would use their bikes much more if they could benefit from proper lanes. Besides this, they would appreciate if their neighbourhood was better connected to the city center by trams and buses.


Dorotia (32) bikes often and enjoys it, but feels that proper lanes for bikes are needed and may increase the number of people biking on a day-to-day basis.


Piotr, 30 years old, thought that biking in Kraków is getting more and more important, although he also pointed out that especially in Podgórze proper bike lanes are still missing. Providing for such lanes may contribute to further increasing the use of bikes and to solving current problems of bikers using sidewalks.

Finally, Dominika (24) shared her opinion with us: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ldFPop_JpRI&feature=youtu.be