Euroculture Round Table


THURSDAY 27 June (18.30-20.00)
Auditorium Maximum – Sala Mala  Krupnicza Street 33

The Euroculture Consortium has organized a round table during the IP in Krakow together with staff and students of the programme. This has been done at the IP in Groningen 2 years ago and last year in Bilbao. Robert Wagenaar will chair the meeting.

Click here for the Round Table AGENDA.

Who can attend?

– Students have to appoint/select 1 student representatives per institution / per semester
(for instance: 1 student from semester 1 at Uppsala + 1 student from semester 2 at Uppsala, etc)

– 1 staff member per university (preferably Director of Studies or coordinator ).
Please discuss this amongst yourselves who will/can attend.

You are expected to be at the meeting on Thursday at 18.30 hrs sharp.