Step 2!! Engaging!

In order to engage with our area Rondo Gregorzecki, we decided to make two questionnaires, one for the potential volunteers and one for the residents.

Questionnaire 1 Student Volunteers:

1. If you could pay reduced rent for your housing in the Rondo Gregorzeckie would you be willing to volunteer in a social project?

2. How much time would you be willing to devote to a community project?

3. What kind of voluntary work would you like to do?
A) Neighbourhood renovation / beautification
B) Film screening
C) Sport event
D) Other:

Questionnaire 2 Residents:

1. What can we improve in your neighbourhood?

2. Does this community come together to engage in social activities?

3. If yes, what community activities are organized in this area?

4. How do you spend your free time in this area?

5. What kind of activities have you been involved in?