Urban Challenge, Day 2: Connecting People

After the first day of exploring Kazimierz, our group carefully considered the different possible options for improving the area. Kazimierz is well-known for being the home of the Jewish community in Krakow prior the Second World War. Therefore, our first idea was connected with developing a strategy for raising further awareness about the historical significance of the place. On the other hand, that area is already advertised as the “Jewish Kazimierz”. What is more, the city as a catalyst for change should engage people of different age and social background. This is how the idea of “connecting people” was born.
During our walk through the neighbourhood, we noticed two places which could be used as a major meeting spot for people from the area:

IMG_1846 IMG_1839

The market, in particular, seemed appealing for us as a stage for integration amongst the residents of Kazimierz. We decided that an annual one-day event held at the market and consisting of various workshops, games, music and art that would fit any interest would be a great start for furthering the integration amongst the residents of the area. The main driver of this kind of a celebration (which we provisionally called “Kazimierz day”) should be the local population. For this reason, we developed the following questionnaire which will help us improve and shape our preliminary project:

1. Can you describe the area with just a few words?
2. What would you like to see improved in the neighburhood?
3. What is your relation with the people from the area?
4. What is the biggest difference between Kazimierz today and 10 years ago?
5. If there was one day of the year to celebrate the neighbourhood, what would you like to see on it?
6. Do you think that people would participate in such a celebration?

We hope that tomorrow would be a very fruitful day and that we will get a lot of responses!