Getting creative minds on board

By coincidence we spotted the exact same wall we showed in one of our previous posts in a blooket of the Mozac Museum and got curious.


On our investigative mission, we found the educational manager of the Mozac Museum, who is involved in “The Podgorze Project”, aiming at developing Zabłocie. The perfect person to get on board for our project!

Watch the interview to find out more!

The Podgorze Project
1. The residents of Zablocie, part of Krakow’s Podgorze district, will be the target audience for specific educational activities. The Museum will endeavour to secure the goodwill of the local community and set out to ensure that this post-industrial area, which is included in the plan to revitalise the City of Krakow, becomes a contemporary , art friendly zone.
2. The innovative project aims to redefine the local identity so as to ensure that the existence and activities of MOCAK become a firm part of this new identity.
3. The Museum intends to prevent gentrification of Zablocie and to contribute to the integration of the area’s past and present; a present on which contemporary art has made its mark.

Curious? Be patient, we will present our creative ideas to you tomorrow 🙂


We would kindly thank the team at the Mozac Museum for their collaboration!