The population living around Plac Inwalidów but also all the users of the square will have the possibility to contribute to the metamorphosis of their beloved square. We ask them to bring on a special day a piece of their favorite broken vase or plates. Like this the mosaic will piece together the broken past, constructing a shared future. A designer or urban planner (local artist) will be engaged in the project to make sure that the end result will be artistically attractive. We hope that the people will be proud when looking at the result and feel a part of it.

As the mosaic would be part of a gateway entrance into the park, we would then like to set up panels in which different artists could exhibit their work, be it photography, paintings, drawings etc, every month. These temporary exhibits would help to include a variety of local artists in the space by linking them to the public passing through. We hope that the mosaic would draw the attention of the people to the area and the exhibit.

The project is inexpensive because people will contribute with very small pieces of ceramic, recycling what they would have otherwise thrown away. Secondly the project is inclusive because it includes all the people using the square, old and young, rich and poor, passerby and inhabitants. Thirdly, the innovative element of the project is that people themselves are actually changing the place with their own contribution.

After long hours of reflection we have decided not to change the name of Plac Inwalidów. Indeed, because of the commodity of the place (everyone knows its name), it will be better not to change it. If we want it to be a meeting place people should know its name.

The picture above is an example of how the final mosaic would look like on the ground at Plac Inwalidów.