Young sociologists on the field: Rynek population under scrutiny

For the ENGAGE part of our project, we designed a simple questionnaire that would help us find out what people like and would improve at Rynek Glowny.

The questionnaire was composed of three questions:

1. Where are you from?

2. What do you like about this square?

3. What would you improve?

We also noted the gender of the respondents and their aproximate age. We split into 4 teams and inquired passers-by.

The centralised results are to be found in this excel file: group 1 questionnaire results

Most of the people we talked to were tourists, even if they are Polish. Krakow people “take fro granted” the square and don’t visit it too much, as one respondent said.

So, what do people like about the Rynek square? Here is a suggestive word-map:

positive aspects 2


And what would they improve in the square?


As a preliminary conclusion, people would love to have more benches and plants. Pigeons are not very liked, but you will read more about this from our colleagues Mathieu and Tony. So stay connected, there is more to come!

Text and graphs credit: Lavinia