Step 3 – Results

On Friday we put our surveys into action. Firstly we spoke to students in the city centre to assess whether they would be interested in participating as community volunteers. We spoke with seven students. Most of the students we spoke with were positive about volunteering, but were not willing to commit a lot of hours. They also indicated that it was not a great neighborhood. They were most interested in volunteering time for film screenings, but there was also some interest in beautification.

Following our interviews with students we returned to Rondo Gregorzecki. Our impression of the area was very different from the first time we visited on Sunday. Visiting on a week day made us realise it is an area with a lot of offices. Many people were there for work. We interviewed ten people. Four of them worked in the area and did not live there. They were were therefore not able to provide much information on the neighborhood as they said that they left straight after work each day. We also spoke to several residents who said that the area was quiet and safe, but they also said that they did not participate in social activities in the area. They always travel to the city to meet people, undertake sporting activities etc.

From our interviews we concluded that there was a need for community activities in the area and that students would be willing to volunteer their time for community projects. We therefore believe our project would be feasible.

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