You know what? Interviewing people is a great way to get to know them. However we realized that getting lost in a brainstorm can be just as effective. Coming from different areas of Europe, our group is truly looking at Ruzcaj area from many different perspectives. For some of us the post-soviet blocks are just usual sights to see, not even a bad one, as we’ve seen much worse.


For others it might be very ‘eastern-European’ and in extreme need for change.


We did ask a couple on our way to our location (photo below): what do they think about living in Ruzcaj?


They did emphasize the lack of some services, but apart from that they did tell us, that they enjoy living in Ruzcaj, and they like the neighbourhood. We could have found many grumpy habitants – we are sure about that. But we wanted to contribute through our own ideas.



We did post our visions earlier, now we wanted to share some of our subsidiary thoughts and ideas about Ruzcaj and how to improve the neighbourhood.

  • One thing our group picked up on was the bad shape of the buildings. It is really hard to think about cost-effective and ‘DIY-style’ ideas that could solve that problem, but we did point out that even with the upkeep of balconies, the atmosphere of the are could be improved, and that is way more cost-effective than repainting the whole block, and can serve as a transitional solution while waiting for the local government bodies to renovate the buildings.


  • The lack of the presence of art is something very visible in the area. We’ve already posted our ideas about creating a legal space for street art (a ‘wallery’), however the location could still improve and work on community building with the help of statues, fountains etc. DIY fountains (and drinking fountains as well) are cost-effective and creative ways of breaking a bit the overwhelming presence of grey concrete.
  • Many flats, loads of habitants, but how are animals handling this? Pets, especially bigger dogs could really suffer in small flats, and as there are many unused green areas close to the blocks of flats, we were thinking about creating a small dog park for pet-owners. This idea is a low-budget one as well, as after some low-scale landscaping, the abandoned lots could easily be turned into a small park for dogs.
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We were working hard to come up with low-budget, eco-friendly and preferably DIY ideas, many times these can be realized by using recycled materials as we mentioned in our previous posts. We hope that at least some of our ideas could work, and contribute to the elevation of Ruzcaj area’s feeling of community and could enhance social inclusion.