Career Day

Thursday 27.06
Institute of American Studies, JU (Main Market Square)

What is the Career Day?

cd2013A day during the IP dedicated to acquaint students with an array of professional paths for after their completion of studies, through focus groups on the fields of diplomacy, international organisations (NGO’s, European, international), corporate & business and media, as well as visits to local institutions and a face-to-face informal meeting with Euroculture alumni already immersed in a career path.

One of the main challenges of any academic programme is to bridge the gap between theory and practice, between academia and the professional realm, whilst emphasizing the role of general competences such as (intercultural) communication, project management and analytical/research skills.  The Career Day, therefore,  aims to address:

  • How can the theoretical and practical skills acquired during an MA be transferred to the professional realm?
  • What set of skills are required in specific fields of professional life? (diplomacy, corporate…)
  • What can I expect after an MA? (The unexpected)
  • How do I know (assure) I am a suitable candidate for a job?
  • Things we are never told about in a classroom.
  • What is the advantage of an interdisciplinary programme focusing on European Studies and particularly the social and cultural dimensions thereof?
  • The myth of big institutions and the institutional culture of big companies.
  • The value of self-employment: freelancer & entrepreneur.

Focus Groups

10:00 – 11:30 |  12:00 -13:30


In order to acquaint students with different fields of professional life and provide a glimpse of what could be out there after Euroculture, we have invited practitioners (some of them alumni of the MA) from the fields of diplomacy, international organisations, corporate & business and media & communication to share their experience and story. The focus groups will consist of brief presentations from our guests practitioners, followed by an overall discussion on the particularities of their professional field.

  1. Foreign & cultural affairs
  2. International organisations
  3. Corporate & business
  4. Media & communication

All 4 group sessions will run twice and parallel to each other. According to their individual interests, students should choose only 2 groups to participate in. Attendance to each group will be limited.

Sign-up for Focus Group here. (choose 2 groups)

Visits to local institutions

14:30 – 17:00

visitsA robust cultural offer is a salient feature of the city of Krakow and a reason for its reputation as a cultural hub in Poland. The institutions (public or private) in charge of developing it, as any other organisation have intricacies in their management, maintenance, inter-cooperation and development. We are very proud to collaborate with a few renowned  local institutions to allow students a look on the inside and meet with the people who run them.

  1. International Cultural Centre
  2. Galicia Jewish Museum
  3. MOCAK (Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow)
  4. Manggha Centre of Japanese Art and Technology
Sign-up for a Visit here (only 1 institution)

Informal meeting


To finalise the Career Day we have reserved the night at The Stage, a local bar and venue where students will have the opportunity to meet with Euroculture alumni and talk a bit more about their future (paths). The idea is to provide a friendly and laid-back atmosphere where discussion can take a more intimate or intricate turn. If  you been holding a question or haven’t had the chance to ask it, this is the place to put it out ther. A great opportunity to meet new friends and do some networking.

Thursday, June 27 | 20:30

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