An Easy on the Pocket City

easyonthepocketMaybe you are wondering how to make the best of your time in Krakow while on a shoe-string budget. If truth be told, Krakow is generally quite an “easy on the pocket” city. Here are a few examples of the cost of living in Krakow and what you can expect to pay (prices are of course just indicative, but in line with our general experience).

In zloty

In Euro

Bottle of water (1 lt)


0,72 euro

A cappuccino


1,44 euro

A draft local beer

6,50 zl

1,55 euro

Sandwich from the bakery to eat on the run


1,31 euro

A full meal at a “milk bar”*


3,60 €

Tram ticket 20 minutes

2.80 zł

0,67 €

Ticket at cinema


4,77 €

Taxi 1km (Normal Tariff – weekdays)

2,30 zl

0, €

Bus ticket to the mountains


4,77 €

10 bed mixed dorm hostel with shared bathroom in high season


13,15 €

Single room 3-star hotel

Less than 200,00zl

48,00 €

Adapted from NUMBEO

You already love Krakow and want to buy an apartment in the centre. You may have to pay around 9,000 zl/m2 (2,149.16 €). [1] Not that bad, isn’it?

* You may wonder what Milk Bars are… No, despite the name, this is not where you can buy ice-cream, but a respectful institution for working class heroes and students. Check this out!! 

For more info don’t hesitate to visit the Krakow In Your Pocket guide which provides useful info.

 [1]Um, what kind of apartment ? 1m box perhaps! 😉