Practical Info

IP Arrival date: 22nd of June 2013  |  IP Departure date: 30th of June 2013
* If you decide to arrive earlier or leave later, you will have to cover your own accommodation costs.



  • If you are a member of the EU: a valid ID or passport
  • If you are a citizen from a non-EU country: Multi-entry VISA, Schengen VISA or Residence permit and valid ID/passport

Single-entry: get a tourist VISA
If you are from a country for which a VISA is required to enter in Poland: get a tourist VISA

Flying to Krakow:
List of some companies flying to Krakow Balice Airport
Some lowcost airlines:  Ryanair  |  Easyjet  |  Wizzair  |   Eurolines  |  German Wings
Estimated prices & other means of transportation (online excel sheet)
**The prices provided might have changed. PLEASE RESERVE YOUR TICKET AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Well, you need to get to Krakow’s city centre and you can do so:

BY TRAIN: There is a train leaving every 30 minutes, just take the free shuttle waiting in front of the main entrance of the airport which will drive you to the train stop.  One way ticket: 15 PLN 15 (~3,7€)  | Travel Time: 20 minutes

BY BUS: Lines 208 and 292 (902 during the night)
The bus stop is situated on the right side of the airport when you get out by the main entrance (40 meters). Buses leave regularly and take 40 minutes to get to Cracovia bus-stop. One way ticket: PLN 3,40 (~0,85€).
Timetables and prices are subject to change until June.

BY TAXI:  A fare from the airport will cost you between 50 and 60 PLN (~12,5/15€). Give the driver the following address to go directly to the hotel:

Hotel Studencki Nawojka
(Ulica = Street) Wladyslawa Reymonta 11
30-059 Krakow, Poland


Now you need to get to the Hotel where you will be staying. Guest Students of the IP will stay at the student residence Nawojka in either double or triple rooms. A registration form will be available in the IP website at a later time. See Accommodation

How to get to the Nawojka Hotel:

Either the bus or the train from the airport will drop you by the main railway station.

  1. From the Main Railway Station. Go into Galeria Krakowska (the big shopping mall), exit through the main entrance  and cross the square in front. There you will find both, tramway and bus stops (Dworzec Główny):
  2. Get a 15-minute public transport ticket: 2 PLN  (0,50€) | Look for the automatic selling machines (menu in several languages).

See maps: From bus/train station to Cracovia  |  From bus/train station to Bagatela

Shortest way:

  1. Take a bus that goes to Cracovia bus stop (Cracovia is composed of 3 stops: Cracovia, Cracovia Błonia and Cracovia Stadion, all fairly close to each other, but different transports stop at different points. Be careful not to miss them! Check on the timetable at the stop before you get on a tram or a bus.
    Bus: Lines 124, 152 and 502 (daytime); 601, 605 608 (during the night)  |  Tramway: 8 (not from train station)
  2. Once off the bus or tram, walk north through Aleja Adama Mickiewicza/Aleja Trzech Wieszczow
  3. Turn left in Wladislawa Reymonta Street.
  4. Nawojka is number 11 (on the right).

See map: From Cracovia to Nawojka

Nicest way:

In order to get used to the city you can walk from the stop at Teatr Bagatela. Teatr Bagatela will be a reference point for in-town activities, it might be a good idea to get to know it right from the beginning.

Bus:  lines 124, 152, 502  |   601 and 605 run during the night
Tramway: Lines 2, 4, 14, 20, 24 as well as 64 during the night.

  1. From Teatr Bagatela walk through Krupnicza street (to the left of the big screen over the main entrance of the Theatre), which will later serve as a “food court” for lunch or dinner.
  2. Cross and turn right on Aleja Adama Mickiewicza/Aleja Trzech Wieszczow and
  3. Turn left in Wladislawa Reymonta Street.
  4. Nawojka is number 11 (on the right hand side).

See map: From Bagatela to Nawojka

Buses 292 and 902 stop directly by Cracovia from the airport

Poland doesn’t use Euro but Złoty, you can either get them before leaving for Krakow or withdraw money once you arrive. Withdrawing is free for charge, there is an ATM at the airport where you can access money, but when they propose you a fixed exchange rate, don’t accept, your bank will most likely use a better one (banks usually have a 4,1 exchange rate whereas the ATM is around 3,6/3,7).  You can also exchange your Euros for Złoty at the “Kantor”, no charges added, you’ll find one at the airport and many of them in town.

Watch out, drivers often don’t have much money so you might need to have change with you.
Transport ticket machines on buses and tramways don’t accept bills as well.

As mentioned above, we will negotiate attractive prices with restaurants and cafes in Krupnicza street. You’ll have most of your lunches/dinners there. Breakfast will be provided at the accommodation at Nawojka, where a cafeteria and a bar/restaurant are also at your disposal.

Afraid of being lost in Krakow? We have gathered a team of volunteers who will help you throughout the 7 days you’ll be here. They’ll be in charge of helping you in your daily tasks and journeys. They’ll also advise you about nice places to visit or to go for a drink.  😉

Krakow is very hot in June, don’t take too much winter clothes with you, you won’t find any use for them! (some rain can still be expected, though).



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