On Funding & Travel Costs

Dear Students,

Karo1On behalf of the coordinating team of the IP 2013 in Krakow, I wish to briefly explain to you some of the changes in funding for the programme in terms of travel to the IP, and suggest some affordable ways of you to get here.

This year we unfortunately have not received any external grants or funding, as in years past, for hosting the IP and covering all the costs associated with it. While the consortium has pulled together to cover accommodation for students and costs associated with the organization of the IP we are unable to cover the costs of your travel to Krakow. So far, we were always able to reimburse up to 50% of the travel expenses to be made on the basis of the external EU grants obtained.  We hope you understand that covering this cost would be unimaginable without outside funding or support.

In this vein, we ask you to be understanding of us and know that we will do all we can to help you to plan an affordable journey to Krakow and to make sure that costs are kept at a minimum here. We are already making a network of affordable cafes, restaurants and bars where you will receive special discounts, while providing you with a rich Krakow experience.

While we are sure that students are most resourceful at crossing Europe on a shoe-string budget, we hope to provide you here with some useful links and suggestions. If you have any tips of your own, we welcome them!

We realize that most of you will be on tight budgets, so if you do come across insurmountable barriers to your travel here, please contact us before April 30th and the consortium will do its best to make things manageable. This being said, we emphasize the importance of booking your tickets early to get the best prices. Since this is a mandatory part of the programme, we will make sure that everyone gets here, cheaply, safely, and without added financial stress. We ask you in turn to help us by managing, as best you can, to find your way to our lovely city.


Karolina Czerska-Shaw
Euroculture Krakow
Programme Coordinator