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Your IP paper and Abstract should be submitted in PDF format.

Remember to use the template for the title page (Annex I).

Name your file with the following format:
IP Paper_number of relevant sub-theme_host university abbreviation_ Surname.pdf
e.g.: IP PAPER_3_KR_Kowalski.pdf  (please copy and adapt)

Your completed IP Paper should be sent by 31st May 2013 at 11:59pm.

Your ABSTRACT should be submitted no later than 15th April 2013.

Name your file with the following format:
IP Abstract_number of relevant sub-theme_host university abbreviation_ Surname -.pdf
e.g.: IP ABS_3_KR_Kowalski.pdf  (please copy and adapt)

IP Paper Upload Tool

University abbreviations:

DE – Deusto
GR – Groningen
OL – Olomouc
UD – Udine
GO – Göttingen
KR – Krakow
ST – Strasbourg
UP – Uppsala

IP Paper Upload Tool