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engageBased on your initial observations and with a view to developing your idea, you will devise a short questionnaire to test the potential of your project. In designing their questionnaire, students should improve their working knowledge of the area by identifying local stakeholders (i.e. inhabitants, business owners, tourists, local employees…). The students will then return in their groups to their allocated area to carry out the questionnaire. You will also be asked to record and analyse your findings and upload them on to the website. Students may either wish to record the questionnaires ‘live’ – in which case, permission from the interviewee must be sought – or, alternatively, students can film each other reporting the main findings from the questionnaires. Either way, you will be asked to produce hard copies of them when completed at the end of the Urban Challenge.


  • Completed questionnaires (any version accepted as long as it is legible)
  • Report of findings: films, photos, recordings, commentary, etc.

All outcomes should be creatively presented as one or several Posts in the Urban Challenge Blogspace corresponding to your group. Remember you can also Tweet us @UrbanTweetIP