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exploreThe first stage will be the observation stage where you will be divided into groups of eight and then assigned a specific area of the city. We have drawn up a typology of public spaces to assist your exploration and you are advised to spend some time trying to locate an example of each one. This will help you build a profile of the area and will give you some ideas for your project.  We will then ask you to compile a detailed overview of the area, recording both your initial impressions and the area’s main features. You are invited to make reference to the typology and to take lots of photos as you do this. Upon completion of this task, the photos and overview will be uploaded by the group on to the Urban Challenge Blogspace. At this point, you will be asked to come up with a preliminary idea as to how you intend to develop the chosen space.


  • Detailed profiles/overviews of their assigned urban area (photos, commentary, impressions, observations)
  • Preliminary idea for development project

All outcomes should be creatively presented as one or several Posts in the Urban Challenge Blogspace corresponding to your group. Remember you can also Tweet us @UrbanTweetIP